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Market Samurai Review by a Non-Techie


Warning: This Review is by a Non-Techie!

In very basic terms, Market Samurai is software that tells you the number of Google searches for a keyword. It also tells you how much competition there is for that keyword. I’ve only been playing with Market Samurai for a few days so there is still a lot to learn. The tutorials are pretty helpful. I downloaded the free trial, but I am going to buy the software because it¬† is very helpful for learning exactly what people are searching for. You can essentially do the same thing with Google’s keyword planner, however, Market Samurai also spells out the top ranking websites for each keyword and gives me more information than I know what to do with!

Not only does it report how many searches for a keyword, but also how many clicks you might expect if your your website  is at the top of the page. It also tells you lots of other information about the competing websites, like how many back links they have, their page ranking and other stuff.

Another great feature on Market Samurai is the “monetization” tool, which searches for marketable products related to the keyword. You will see the related products on Amazon and a few other affiliate sites.

For example, I searched for “swimming pool” and found that 3,616 people search this term daily and 1,519 of those people could potentially click on my website if it was ranked #1 on the page. There are over 19,000 web pages that contain this exact phrase. Then, I can view the top ranked “swimming pool” sites and learn everything I need to know about them like age, ranking, trust flow, referring domains, etc.

Next, I’ll click on “search products” and a window shows me the top products related to “swimming pools” from Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and Paydotcom. This gives me an idea of how I might monetize my “swimming pool” website with affiliate links.

There is even a “content search” for articles related to the keyword, using sites like Ezinearticles, Wikipedia, You Tube, and Yahoo News (to name a few).

I’m really just scratching the surface here, and being a beginner to internet marketing, I’m probably not doing the Market Samurai justice with my review. In other words, it probably does a ton more stuff! I just wanted to get the word out because it is very helpful for deciding which topics to blog and post about. I think its worth the money (less that $100) because it could save me lots of time and effort. It would be a shame to work really hard on a blog that will never get much traffic!

Plus, I really like the whole “samurai theme”. You can learn about the product in the “dojo”. Cute, huh?

Let me clarify that I do not get a commission from Market Samurai! If you are interested, check out their website, and consider the free trial.

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