343 Dollars a Day

What would it take to live the dream?

Building websites for generating income


At a high level, to finance our adventures, we are going to be building out blogs on things that Sharon and I have particular expertise in.  I am going to work on an educational site for building blogs, and hooking up social media, google analytics, and affiliate programs to drive traffic to your website or business and also earn you money for your knowledge.  Sharon is going to be doing the same for her massage therapy practice, and put as much information online to drive an income stream from that knowledge.  Sharon also has a career in insurance and is working to push that online. In addition, we will both be working on sharing our experiences with starting and growing a bed and breakfast in a small Southern town.

So I’ll be posting to the “Technology Corner” category to document what we try and the results.

For this first installment, I want to spell out our basic formula:

  • Rackspace cloud servers for hosting wordpress blogs and databases. Use the banner below to signup for an account, and we’ll get a referral fee!
  • Godaddy for domain name registrations. Use this link, and we can get a commission! GoDaddy
  • Google Apps to host email addresses for our domains
  • Google Analytics for monitoring our websites
  • Google Adwords for picking up some ad revenue
  • Affiliate networks (think Amazon) to make a percentage if you refer someone to them that buys something.

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