343 Dollars a Day

What would it take to live the dream?

How long will we voyage?


There are so many variables that it is hard to pinpoint a definite length of time for our adventure. We want it to be long enough to fully absorb the experience, but we don’t want to over commit in case we decide the cruising life is not really for us.

So, we’ve decided to plan on a voyage of at least one year. We may stay out longer if the cruising life agrees with us and if our funds allow. Most people seem to voyage until the money runs out.

Based on other cruiser’s information about the costs of cruising, we have estimated that it will costs us around $2,000 month to cruise. It is difficult to find hard numbers on the costs of cruising, but here is a helpful list of cruisers who have been willing to share their financial information.

Our main goal is to create streams of income to finance our dream. We also hope to save as much as possible for our “cruising Kitty”.  Having a cushion in our savings account reserved for when we return is essential, because we’re not sure how long it would take to find new jobs.


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