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I want to create a logo, but can I learn (and afford) Adobe Illustrator?


I need a logo for this website, as well as other websites/blogs we are designing, and I really don’t want to pay someone else to do something I can do myself. The problem is, I have never used graphic arts software like Photoshop or Illustrator, so I am a TOTAL BEGINNER in the logo design arena.

This morning I decided to download the 30 day free trial for Adobe Creative Cloud. I’ll have access to all the cool Adobe products like photo shop, illustrator, and light room (and more). If I decide to keep it, the monthly cost is $19.99 (student rate for me). The regular monthly rate is $29.99. Keep in mind that one little logo can cost $50 and up!

After the download, I spent about an hour watching the Adobe tutorials, which BTW were really good! Here is my very first attempt at creating a logo for my massage therapy website. Not bad, huh?sharon eller logoI’m super excited that I went from a complete novice to producing a simple logo within a few hours! Woohoo! This software is so powerful, its mind blowing. I can use this for so many things….newsletters, blog posts, business cards, etc. Oh,and here is a link to the Adobe page with info about the free 30 day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud. I don’t make any commission from Adobe. I’m just excited about the products and want to share how easy it is to use.

Just download and find the tutorials for “creating logos”, and start playing around. Its fun! I’ll keep you posted about my progress with logo making.


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